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A Drug Rehab Referral Professional Helps You Find The Right Program

There has been so much publicity this year about famous people going into rehab for the second, third or multiple times that some folks might be wondering if rehab even works. The answer is, yes, it can, but not everyone responds the same way to a given drug rehab program.How are you supposed to know whether a rehab program will suit your situation and actually work? Sometimes the best approach is to consult with a drug rehab referral specialist who can help match an addict’s unique needs to a rehab program. Since no two addicts have the same needs, different options need to be considered.Many people – not just celebrities – go in and out of rehab several times until they find success. They experience what appears to be a very positive rehab result, then later relapse and return to rehab. They can even relapse again and again, each time having to return for another go. None of this means that the addict is a bad person or a loser, or that there is necessarily something wrong with the rehab program. There are reasons for this revolving drug rehab door, and sometimes it is because the addict was in the wrong rehab program for him or her.There are literally thousands of alcohol and drug rehab centers and almost all of them have different philosophies, approaches and methods for treating addiction. The results can vary widely from patient to patient, because no two addictions and addicts are the same. And some work well for one person while another person needs a completely different approach.When you read about so-and-so celebrity’s “rehab that didn’t work the first time” you seldom get details about the program. Was it a faith-based 12-step program, or another type of approach? Did the person just have drug detox but no rehab? How long did they stay with the program? Was it in-patient or out-patient? There are many other variables.Outpatient drug rehab, for example, sometimes brings about long-term sobriety but the methods and services differ widely. And unless you move to another neighborhood and change jobs, you are still living in the “dangerous environment” where you became addicted. However, for many addicted people, out-patient rehab has worked. The more features and services the program offers, and the longer they stay with it, the better the results can be.However, most experts agree that addicts best achieve life-long sobriety through inpatient rehab programs that last for at least three months, even longer is better. After a full detox and withdrawal from drugs or alcohol, living in an in-patient rehab center shelters the addict from the people and places that contributed to addiction. Professional care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the addict learns the tools and skills to help stay sober when he returns home. The best rehab program addresses all aspects of the addiction – the causes and the effects. It empowers, so that you accomplish life-long sobriety from drug use.A drug rehab referral specialist can help you sort through all the variables in the addict’s personal life including such factors as details about the addiction, personality traits, religious beliefs, financial status, job needs and many others. From these, the referral specialist can often work out the very best solution to finding a successful drug rehab program.